Brand Resources

We’ve put together some assets for those times when you want to use our logo and colors for blog posts, press releases, or any other story featuring Smart Launcher.


The Smart Launcher marks include the Smart Launcher name and logo, and any word, phrase, image, or other designation that identifies the source or origin of any of Smart Launcher products.


Product Shots

Get some high-resolution image to show some of the main features of Smart Launcher.


Product Heroes

This is where Smart Launcher comes to life! Download realistic shots of the latest features included in Smart Launcher.


Some simple rules

Do these easy things.

  • You are welcome to use our assets to write about us in your blogs, articles, and videos.
  • Use the Smart Launcher logo to link to Smart Launcher app or company.
  • Use the Smart Launcher logo to show others your customized setup of Smart Launcher.

Please don’t do these things.

  • Use the Smart Launcher logo for your application’s icon.

  • Create a modified version of the Smart Launcher logo.

  • Integrate  Smart Launcher logo into your logo.

  • Use any  Smart Launcher artworks as your own.

  • Sell any Smart Launcher artworks without permission.

  • Change the colors, dimensions or add your own text/images.

  • Use similar logos to represent Smart Launcher.

  • Use old versions of Smart launcher logo to represent the product.

  • Do not name your product as Smart Launcher. This also applies to domain names.


In short, the Smart Launcher logos represent only Smart Launcher and should not be used to represent your products. By using the Smart Launcher marks you agree to follow these guidelines as well as our Terms of Service and all our rules and policies. 

If you are unsure about how to use them, or you need to use artwork not included in this repository, please feel free to contact us.