Version 5.1

Released on 25 August 2018

Light Ambient Mode

The ambient theme was designed not only to make the UI more graceful but also to ensure the readability of the information on the screen (widgets/icon labels). In Smart Launcher 5.0 this goal was achieved by using a dark overlay on top of light wallpapers but this caused light wallpapers to look darker and dull. Light Ambient theme works by keeping unaltered the wallpaper lightness while making the foreground UI items black.

Search Page

The Search page is now a module like the App page or the Widget page. This means they have the same working and they will, eventually, be swappable in the near future.


The notification system has been rebuilt. The system in 5.0 was designed to work only using the official Android APIs. Sadly, app developments rarely use the API (event Gmail doesn’t!) so we stopped trusting in other developers’ goodwill and we created a system that uses different approaches to get notification count. Hopefully, this will allow us to avoid showing a blank dot when the option “show event count” is marked.

Rename folders

You can now rename a folder by clicking its name while it’s open.

Showcase your home screen

The functionality “Take a screenshot” is now Showcase your home screen. The tool has been improved to create more complex artwork, adding shadows and simulating a device frame. It allows to preview the generated artwork and to save it locally or share it as before. If the tool will be appreciated we will expand it in future.

5 new adaptive icon shapes

The new shapes add new effects like brushes and pixels. Feature pack is required to unlock adaptive icon shapes.

Contact search shortcuts

You can now send WhatsApp/telegram/Viber messages and emails to your contacts directly from the search page.

5 new wallpapers

Designed exclusively for Smart launcher 5.1

New weather icons

We enhanced the design of weather icons to appear more vibrant ensuring more contrast with the wallpaper for a better readability.

UI Enhancements

Many UI components have been revamped as wallpapers, icons, indicators, menu, weather icons, and much more! 


In SL 5.0 enabling a single gesture caused all the pages to be scrollable only by swiping from the borders. In SL 5.1, double finger gestures don’t interfere with page navigations anymore and single finger gestures affect only a specific direction.

Improved drag&drop interactions. For example, now you can move an item from a folder to another one with a single drag&drop action.

Android P users can now turn off their screen without any side effect (like fingerprint not working)

Home page icons have been updated with more vibrant colors.

Some UI elements have been updated with rounded corners.

The wallpaper scroll is now interpolated to appear more natural.

The search bar can now use Ambient theme even when set as floating (Search bar appearance Skin Ambient)

Dark system icons are automatically enabled on very light backgrounds (Only Android Marshmallow and higher)

Many other improvements and bugs fixed.

Version 5 Build 073

Released on 17 July 2018

Improvements and Fixes

This update includes performance improvements and fixes important issues regarding RAM usage.


Fixed anomalous ram usage after changing icon pack

● Fixed day/night weather icons

● Fixed some issues with next event visualization

Version 5

Released on 29 March 2018

The new Design

Our vision was to make Smart Launcher ready for the future

We focused our attention on some key aspects to better address the future trends. Because of the dimension of new devices, some UI elements have become difficult to reach with a single hand. The design of the launcher has moved to the bottom the items you usually interact with the most, while it reserves the upper area to information and visual contents.

The new design is based on a unified visual language we created and named Acrylic Design System. It provides a set of styles, components and guidelines in order to give the user a coherent and consistent experience and interface.

Ambient theme

Objects in the real world are never black or white, they reflect colors and adapt to lights. We applied this idea to the Smart Launcher UI and we got a new, more materic look and the ability to automatically match the wallpaper in use.

Adaptive icons

Adaptive icon is a new icon format introduced with Android Oreo 8.0.

Smart Launcher 5 has been designed to exploit the advantages of the new format and is the first launcher to introduce Adaptive icon backward compatibility for every device running Android 4.0 or higher!

And if you’re already running Oreo and you miss the classic not-adaptive icons we have a good news, you can have your old icons back!

Search bar and Search page

We have moved the search bar at the bottom and we have given it a new look fully integrated into the design of the launcher. The search page has been rethought as a starting point for any interaction with the device. The new layout shows more contents and allows to perform some actions like adding a new contact and performing calculations!

New drawer layouts

The new category bar has been moved to the bottom to be closer to your thumb. However, you can choose between 3 different layouts. You can have the category bar on the side, on the bottom or you can disable it for a more “classic” look.

New clock widget

The new built-in clock shows info about alarm, next event and weather.

Freeform widget mode

You can now resize and move widgets in the home page without grid snapping for a complete control over your home screen.

Redesigned UI for preferences

Preferences have been restyled and reorganized to be more readable and easy to understand.

New wallpaper picker with backup

The wallpaper picker has been redesigned to show more contents from different picture sources. We included an option to backup your previous wallpaper before trying a new one.

Backup with preview

A short text is often not enough to recognize a specific backup. New backups, created with Smart Launcher 5, include a preview that makes it easier to find the backup you want to restore.

Integrated notification plugin

The notification plugin has been integrated in the launcher and is now more stable and reliable.

Share your home screen

Take a picture of your home screen and share it attaching some info about your set up. We expect to expand this functionality with advanced editing tools in the future.

For older versions please refer to this page