A simple guide to designing your own theme.

Learn the basics of theme design for Smart Launcher 5

latest update 1 July 2018

What do you need to create an SL theme?

SL Themes are common android apps. You have to download and configure Android Studio and you need to know the basics about Android app development. It’s suggested a graphics editor software to design the contents for your new theme.

Download the theme template

Please don’t re-use the icons distributed with this template in your final theme, otherwise, it won’t be approved.

Design and develop your theme

Generally designing a new theme requires little time. It mainly consists of replacing the existing graphical resource with yours. But we also allow a high level of customization if you know a little more about coding.

Full Documentation

For any reference to the graphical resources and styling read the guides:


Theme project setup


Customize Home page


Customize App page

You can design your theme in any graphics software you prefer. If you have no idea of what you could use, we suggest you to use Figma, available for free on their website.

You can download a mockup of an empty theme to help you design your theme.

Download Theme Mockup for Figma >

Download Theme Mockup for Sketch >

Publish your theme

Now you can publish your theme on the Play Store. If you don’t have a developer account, just contact us at contact@smartlauncher.net, if your theme doesn’t contain copyrighted material we’ll publish it for you.

A lot of accounts were suspended by Google due to suspected copyright violations. We suggest to not include in your theme’s name or description anything linked with blackberry, iPhone or other protected products.


Get your theme included in the SL themes list

Even if your theme is on the market, it will never appear in the SL theme downloader if you don’t submit it on our website.

During the submission you will set a preview for your theme and some basic info about it.