June 20, 2018

How to get Android Oreo features on device that won’t receive the update

Android Oreo is available since last February but many devices didn’t receive the update yet or never will (Huawei P9, Galaxy S5 and S5 Note, Sony Z5 series, ZenFone 2, HTC 9, Nexus 5 & 6). Don’t worry, thanks to Smart Launcher 5 you can get several of the major Android Oreo features on your device even without the system update! 

Notification Dots

Icons in the home screen notify new events with a colored dot.

1 – install Smart Launcher 5 from Google Play Store
2 – Run it and set it as default launcher for your device
3 – Long press on the home screen, then select “home page” → “Notifications” and enable the first option
4 – Enjoy Adaptive icons and Notification dots on your smartphone!