Smart Launcher 3.21 released

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Schermata del 2016-09-05 22-23-18

NEW: you can set the wallpaper for the lockscreen (only Android 7.0 Nougat)
IMPROVEMENT: Now you can use the STOP button also on Nougat
IMPROVEMENT: Chrome is not forced anymore to open search results
IMPROVEMENT: new animation for popup widget
IMPROVEMENT: reduced APK size
BUGFIX: fixed a bug that caused SL to crash while the lock screen is active
BUGFIX: fixed a bug that caused SL to crash while trying to uninstall hidden system apps
BUGFIX: fixed a bug that prevented to use picture picked from gallery for the categories icon
EXPERIMENTAL: you can now select the max number of results for the searchbar (available in the Developer options)

About lock screens and fingerprint feature

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Fingerprint unlock is actually a quite amazing feature and it would be cool to be able to use them in our Smart Launcher lock screens. Unfortunately, this won’t be possible and the reason is quite easy to understand.
In order to enable you to use fingerprint in apps, Android forces you to enable a pattern or pin secured lock screen. Since the Smart Launcher lock screens, like any other lock screen on the Play Store, work on a unofficial implementation, there is no way for them to overlap the stock lockscreen. So, we’re sorry, it’s not a bug but a limitation that can be removed only by a Google in future releases of Android.

We will keep you updated.

October Update – version 3.10

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New preference menu

  • improvement: Wallpapers moved on server to reduce APK size (-14%)
  • improvement: Introduced a fix for transparent system bars on Huawei phones.
  • improvement: Added new/updated translations
  • improvement: Better memory management when the device is running on low memory
  • fix: fixed a bug related to the option “improve readability”
  • fix: fixed a bug that caused the main menu to appear when not required.
  • other minor changes