Smart Launcher 3.21 released

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Schermata del 2016-09-05 22-23-18

NEW: you can set the wallpaper for the lockscreen (only Android 7.0 Nougat)
IMPROVEMENT: Now you can use the STOP button also on Nougat
IMPROVEMENT: Chrome is not forced anymore to open search results
IMPROVEMENT: new animation for popup widget
IMPROVEMENT: reduced APK size
BUGFIX: fixed a bug that caused SL to crash while the lock screen is active
BUGFIX: fixed a bug that caused SL to crash while trying to uninstall hidden system apps
BUGFIX: fixed a bug that prevented to use picture picked from gallery for the categories icon
EXPERIMENTAL: you can now select the max number of results for the searchbar (available in the Developer options)

October Update – version 3.10

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New preference menu

  • improvement: Wallpapers moved on server to reduce APK size (-14%)
  • improvement: Introduced a fix for transparent system bars on Huawei phones.
  • improvement: Added new/updated translations
  • improvement: Better memory management when the device is running on low memory
  • fix: fixed a bug related to the option “improve readability”
  • fix: fixed a bug that caused the main menu to appear when not required.
  • other minor changes

August update – version 3.08

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  • new feature: a small icon on the bottom right corner of the bubble show the app assigned to double tap action. You can disable this feature in Preferences → Homescreen → Double tap icons
  • improvement: faster search bar
  • improvement: search bar is automatically shown when you use the gesture to start search
  • improvement: added some optimizations for tablets
  • improvement: decreased memory usage
  • improvement: added some optimizations for Huawei phones
  • fix: fixed “only free” selection in theme downloader
  • fix: fixed a bug that prevented SL to set wallpaper on Froyo. Yes, we really did it.

July update – version 3.09

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  • improvement: clock format now follows system settings when set on automatic
  • improvement: better performance in loading bitmaps
  • improvement: faster iconpack application
  • fix: dialer notifications are correctly removed now
  • fix: no more problem of missing icons
  • fix: default categories are not recreated at start if you have apps installed on SDcard
  • fix: to rotate the device while using the search bar doesn’t cause crashes anymore
  • fix: fixed promoted apps overlapping in the drawer.