Getting started

Download Android Studio

SL themes are common android apps. You need Android studio in order to compile the theme you designed.

Download Theme Template for Android Studio

Use this template to develop your theme in Android Studio.

Set your theme

Open the directory you downloaded from Git with Android Studio, all the files will be loaded into a Project.

Once the project is loaded, go to /res/values/theme.xml and change the string name with the name of your theme.

    <string name="app_name">your_theme_name</string>

Open  Gradle Scripts > build.gradle (Module: your_them_name), and change the ID of the application with the name of your theme.

defaultConfig {
 applicationId "ginlemon.sltheme.your_theme_name"
 minSdkVersion _minSdkVersion
 targetSdkVersion _targetSdkVersion
 versionCode computeVersionCode()
 versionName computeVersionName()

Understand the structure

The theme documentation is divided into two main parts.

Graphical Assets are raster files you can simply put into the new theme project to substitute the default ones. You can create working themes simply doing this.

Styling is advanced customizations you can do modifying some values into the code. In the documentation, everything is well explained and you will be able to do it even if you are not a professional.

See the pictures below to understand how the theme is composed.

Home Page

App Page

You are now ready to start customizing your theme, please go to next section for further details.

Remeber to try your theme on your devices!

Remember to test your theme on a fresh installation of SL, both in righthanded and lefthanded mode and with different wallpapers. For best results also try it on different devices with different screen sizes.

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