New update

Smart launcher 5.2

The non-ordinary launcher.

Read the latest news on your home screen with the News page.

Customize the news feed with specific interests and with different layouts: large, compact or only text.

Customize the layout of your launcher as in no other launcher with Page Manager.

Smart Launcher 5.2 introduces the possibility to rearrange the “pages” which compose your home screen. This allows more customization and gives you the choice to enable or disable certain components depending on your needs.

Make your device look awesome with the new Blur Mode.

A complex system of different overlays creates a perfect blend between UI and wallpaper and guarantee text readability avoiding darkening the background.

Bring your device appearance back to life with modern Menus Redesign.

We worked on our community feedback and we redesigned every menu to be more consistent and intuitive.

And many other features included.

Automatic app page cleaning

Smart Launcher will automatically hide icons of apps never used.

Tools to detect malware

Simple tools that can help users identify suspicious apps.

Try out the new features today.