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Smart launcher 5.3

The non-ordinary launcher.

Google Page

You can now add Google Now/Discovery to your Smart Launcher home screen. Open the Page manager, remove a page on the left or on the right, then add the Google page and follow the instructions.

Redesigned Search page

The new Search page has a more modern design, is much faster and includes some modern features like fuzzy search.


The notification badge has now the same shape of the icon. The background color is lighter and overall the readability is better.

Custom Folder columns

You can now customize the number of the columns of the Folders. You can now have from 2 to 6 columns according to your preference.

Dark Mode

When enabled, dialogs and menus use a dark theme. The dark theme reduces eyestrain and emissions of blue light.

Download Smart launcher 5.3

5.3 Update Media Kit