New update

Smart launcher 5.4

The non-ordinary launcher.

Have a complete overview of the events on your device with the notifications in the App Page

Notifications can now be displayed in the App Page. Remember to enable the notification from Smart launcher settings.

Organize your apps even better thanks to folders in the App Page

You can now create folders in your App Page. Also, you can create Smart Folders which work like our Smart Categories. Just add the “photography” folder and all your camera apps will be automatically grouped in the newly created folder!

New interactions for a more intuitive experience

We put a big effort into improving interactions between the items in our UI. Every interaction is now more coherent, precise and natural.

A new style for Folders

Folder icons have been redesigned to look more modern and clean. The new appearance puts focus on the content and integrates better with the launcher UI.

Massive changes to the codebase

We changed over 40.000 lines of code, we migrated most of the launcher to Kotlin and we adopted the architectural components released by the Android dev team. Smart Launcher 5.4 makes a better use of available resources and delivers even better performances compared to the previous versions.

Try out the new features today.

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