This is our story

A little story about dreams, effort, learning
doing day by day

Installing apps is cool but after some time our phone get full of icons
and everything became very confusing.

An idea has been born:

“What if something could tidy our devices for us?
Why don’t we make it Smart?

Meet the team

Vincenzo Colucci
Founder & main developer
Smart launcher was born as a my personal project. Now it is an app which has been downloaded more than 10 milion times and its development is my job. I’m gratuated in Computer Science at Università di Bologna. I love UIs, videogames, science, music and anime. I like to find unusual solution and to follow new paths.
Giovanni Piemontese
UI/UX & Brand Design
I’m a PSSD student all day long and a musician in night spare times. I’ve a bachelor in Interior Design and currently Studying Product Service System Design. I love computer Graphics, interfaces, portrait photos and video making. Traveling is a way to connect myself to the world.
Emilio Vitulano
SysAdmin & Software Developer
I’m a freelancer software developer, graduated in Computer Science at Università di Bari. I have been a sound engineer for 5 years and I’m an entertainment technologies fan. I have been fascinated by technology and its magic since I was a child. In my spare time I like traveling and biking.

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