Smart Launcher APK

Free and Pro download

Here you can find recent Smart Launcher APKs to download.

The APKs will automatically detect your Pro license and Feature Pack and enable them.

These versions of the software are genuine and protects you from risk of downloading cracked software. However, installing Smart Launcher via APK should be considered atypical and could generate unwanted behaviour. We suggest to download Smart Launcher using Play Store in order to have always the latest version available.


Smart Launcher 5 is the latest major update of Smart Launcher.  It contains all the features you loved in Smart Launcher 3 and something more. We recommend this version.


Smart Launcher 3 was released back in 2015 and quickly became one of the favorite android launcher of many people. If you feel nostalgic or if you think this version works better on your device, you can download this version. To enable notifications, you need to install the plugin you can find here.