After the last update/a new install/factory reset Smart Launcher doesn’t recognize my purchases.

You are probably facing an issue relative to how Play Store manages in-app purchases. In-app items are connected to the account you used to purchase them and they are considered valid only in apps download or updated while you are signed in Play Store using that account.

Solution: sign into Play Store with the same account you used to purchase the license, then clear the cache of your Play Store app and reboot your device. If it still does not work, try this procedure. Contact us if the problem persists.

Still seeing ads after paying for the Pro version

Some app stores sometimes replace the official apk downloaded from Play Store with a version from their servers. This happens especially on Meizu and Xiaomi devices.

Solution: Just uninstall then reinstall Smart Launcher to fix the problem. We also suggest blocking all app stores different from Google Play to automatically update your apps.

Can I migrate my purchase on a new email account?

Unfortunately, this is not possible.

Do I need to pay again for SL5 Pro?

If you already purchased Smart Launcher 3 Pro you don’t need to pay again for Smart Launcher 5 Pro. If you purchased your license with an in app purchase, your license will be automatically detected. Otherwise if you purchased SL3 Pro as app aside, you need to keep it installed together with SL5 to verify your Pro license*.

You can check your license status in Preferences → Info version.

We introduced a new optional purchase in Smart Launcher 5, called Feature Pack 2018. This purchase unlocks some new features contained in the new update and it’s very important for us because it helps us supporting the development cost of Smart Launcher 5.

*Please note, both the versions of Smart Launcher must be installed and genuine (not cracked and installed via Play Store).

Still seeing ads in the lock screen

Lock screens are independent apps that can be used without Smart Launcher. Some lock screen provides the possibility to remove ads however, this is managed independently from Smart Launcher.

If you didn’t installed any lock screen produced by us, but you still see ads in your lock screen then it’s quite probable you installed a malware. Although these issues are not related to Smart Launcher, if you send a screenshot of the lock screen to we will do what we can to help you detect the app that caused the issue.


Smart Launcher is continuously restarted

Probably you are not experiencing a crash or a bug, it’s just your device firmware being that kills Smart Launcher in the background. There are various solution to fix this issue, we suggest to check them here:

The notification count notifies the wrong count/doesn’t work as expected

Smart Launcher uses Android APIs to get the number of new events for each app. Unfortunately, app developers very often don’t use all the features of this API as in the case of the notification count. In these situations, we can only try to guess the count. However, we’re continuously working to improve our notification count system and bug reports are welcomed.

I prefer the old Smart Launcher 3 layout. How can I have it back?

Open Preferences →Themes, then select “SL3”.

I can’t see the notification count, I just see an empty badge.

This is the default behavior in Smart Launcher. You can change it in Preferences → Home page → Notifications → Show notification count. If after changing this option, you can’t see the new event count it means the app has just one new event or it is not providing accurate info.

How can I add a custom font to my launcher?

Download the font on your device, then click on the ttf or otf file and open it with Smart Launcher. Alternatively, you can create a folder in the root of your storage folder, call it “fonts” and move inside all the folder you’d like to see in Smart Launcher. You will be able to switch fonts in Preferences → Global settings → Fonts.

How can I move an app into a different category?

Perform a long press on an app, then drag and drop its icon where you want.

Is Smart Launcher compatible with my device model?

Yes, most probably! Smart Launcher supports any device running Android Jellybean or higher with support to third-party launchers.

I installed Smart Launcher but I don’t like it. How can I revert all the changes?

Just uninstall Smart Launcher like any other app.

How can I hide an app?

Perform a long press on an app, then press the “Eye” icon.

I have a question about lock screens.

Please check the lock screen FAQ here.

How can I create a new category?

This feature requires Smart Launcher Pro. Open the app grid, press Menu button, then Add a category.

Common issues

While I was using my Huawei/Honor device, a message appeared saying “Your phone has just recovered from a serious error caused by Smart Launcher”. What does it mean?

You should completely ignore that message, it’s just an attempt by the system to convince you to come back to the built-in launcher. That message appears after a simple crash or a freeze not necessarily caused by Smart Launcher itself. There is absolutely nothing to worry about it.

The clock reports a wrong alarm time. I didn’t set any.

Seems like this is a bug of some Xiaomi devices. We’re looking into the issue but you will probably have to wait for a system update to have this fixed.

Smart Launcher displays everything in black and white. I can’t see colors anymore.

Probably you accidentally enabled Minimal Mode. You can disable it from Preferences → Global Settings → Minimal mode.

I can’t set Smart Launcher as default launcher

You are probably using a Huawei/Honor device, even if the problem can affect other devices. This is not a Smart Launcher bug but a behavior set by your device manufacturer to try to “convince” you to use again the built-in launcher. If you like us think this is wrong, we encourage you to contact your device manufacturer and complain.

After using the double tap to turn off the screen I cannot unlock my device using fingerprints

Unfortunately, this issue depends on a system limitation. Android provides no way to programmatically turn off the screen. The only way to do it requires to invoke a forced security lock or using some sort of workarounds. You can choose a different screen lock method in Preferences, Global Settings, Screen, Screen lock method.

I tried to add a shortcut to the home page but when I try to launch it a message says “The system doesn’t allow Smart Launcher to perform this action”.

Sometimes, device manufacturers, limit some features to work only with their own apps. This happens especially with quick dial shortcuts. Unfortunately, Smart Launcher can’t circumvent this limit. Our suggestion is to install and use a different app to add the same shortcut.

My widgets show not existent/wrong next alarm.

This is a known issue and unfortunately, it seems like it can be fixed, as it doesn’t depend on us. At the moment we know that some Xiaomi devices, shows completely wrong alarm, while some Samsung devices anticipate the next alarm of some minutes.

Version differences

What are the differences between SL3 and SL5?

Smart Launcher 3 was an update of the original Smart Launcher build 6 years ago. Smart Launcher 5 is a complete overhaul of SL3, redesigned and optimized for modern devices. If your device is compatible with SL5, use this version.

What happened to SL4?

Smart Launcher 4 existed only as a prototype. The team was not satisfied with it and decided to create a new project from scratch. You can read more here.


I want a refund, for reasons…

Please use fill this form to request a refund. Our team will review your request and will consider your eligibility to get a refund. As described in our TOS, all refunds will be at our sole discretion.

Feedback and suggestions

What is the most appropriate place in which I can leave my feedback?

Please use the Feedback & Suggestions section of our Reddit community. It’s a great space where you can submit your ideas and get immediate feedback from other users. Your opinion is very important for us as Smart Launcher is a community-driven project.

Report a problem

I’m experiencing a problem. What can I do?

First of all, if you’re experiencing a crash, click “report” when the crash happens. This will help us collect more data about the crash. Then create a post on our Reddit or Facebook community including:

  • The device and Android version you’re using;
  • A list of steps to reproduce the problem;
  • Screenshots or other useful resources, if possible;

I couldn’t find an answer

What can I do?

Check our community and see if someone else already asked the same question. If not, post a new question here.