The Play Store asks me to pay again for Smart Launcher Pro.

First of all, be sure you're logged into Play Store with the same account you used to purchase SL3 Pro.
Actually there are two methods to purchase Smart Launcher.

- In-app purchase from free version (highly recommended). Indicated as License SL3Pro in the order receipt.
- Smart Launcher 3 Pro as separate app (old method). Indicated as Smart Launcher 3 Pro in the order receipt.

The two methods are not compatible so you need to download the right version of the app according to which one you purchased. If the problem persists, please check that you're using the same google account you used to purchase the app.

Does Smart Launcher 3 Pro contain ads?

The app downloaded from Play Store does not show any ads. However since SL3 Free and Pro share the same code, the Play Store indicates that it contain ads.

Still seeing ads after paying for the Pro version

Some app stores sometimes replace the official apk downloaded from Play Store with a version from their servers. This happens especially on Meizu and Xiaomi devices. Solution: Just uninstall then reinstall Smart Launcher to fix the problem. We also suggest to block all app stores different from Google Play to automatically update your apps.

Still seeing ads in the lock screen

Lock screens are independent apps that can be used without Smart Launcher. Some lock screen provides the possibility to remove ads, however this is managed independently from Smart Launcher.


Is Smart Launcher compatible with my device model?

In short, yes it is. There aren't known compatibility issues at this moment.

How can I move an app into a different category?

Perform a long press on an app, then drag and drop its icon where you want.

How can I hide an app?

Perform a long press on an app, then select “Set as hidden”.

How can I create a new category?

This feature requires Smart Launcher Pro. Open the app grid, press Menu button, then Add a category.

After using the double tap to turn off the screen I cannot unlock my device using fingerprints

Unfortunately this issue depends on a system limitation. Android provides no way to programmatically turn off the screen. The only way to do it, requires to invoke a forced security lock. Rooted devices can use the feature "Turn off screen+" to prevent this issue.

I installed Smart Launcher but I don’t like it. How can I revert all the changes?

Just uninstall Smart Launcher like any other app.

I have a question about lock screens.

Please check the lock screen FAQ here.

Version differences

What are the differences between SL Free and SL Pro?

In the PRO version you have a secondary panel in which you can place your widgets. Also, the PRO version feature more transitions, more option to personalize your homescreen, multi touch gestures and no ads.


I want a refund, for reasons...

Please use fill this form to request a refund. You will need some info like:

- The email address you used to purchase the app;
- Your order number (you can find it in the mail you received when you purchased the app);
- The device you're using;
- The reason why you're asking a refund;

Our team will review your request and will consider your eligibility to get a refund. As described in our TOS, all refunds will be at our sole discretion.

Feedback and suggestions

What is the most appropriate place in which I can leave my feedback?

Please use the Feedback & Suggestions section of our G+ community. It's a great space where you can submit your ideas and get immediate feedback from other users. Your opinion is very important for us as Smart Launcher is a community-driven project.

Report a problem

I'm experiencing a problem. What can I do?

First of all, if you're experiencing a crash, click "report" when the crash happens. This will help us collecting more data about the crash. Then create a post on our G+ community in the Bug report section including:

- The device and Android version you're using;
- A list of steps to reproduce the problem;
- screenshots or other useful resources, if possible;

I didn't find an answer

What can I do?

Check our community and see if someone else already asked the same question. If not, post a new question here.